Validation doesn't handle MCE


Validation is currently purely schema-based and does not consider MCE pre-processing.
IS29500Validator should support some kind of processing of MCE-based extensions. At least the "Ignorable"-attribute would be nice to have.


alexbrn wrote Mar 9, 2010 at 9:26 AM

In my understanding, conformant IS 29500 cannot use MCE, even though it was clearly the "intention" of the standard (and of MS) that they should.
  • Currently Part 3 (MCE) is not referenced by parts 1 / 4 of IS 29500.
  • The conformance requirements for Part 1 (and so 4) include a requirement that documents are valid to the Part 1 (4) schema
  • Although MCE processing is mentioned in Part 1, there is no normative description of MCE pre-processing in Part 3 (only informative text)
  • Even if we applied the pre-processing as described in informall text, the mc:* attributes would remain, rendered the documents invalid and so non-conformant
  • The Namespace subsumption rules can be read as forbidding the "enhancement" of element already declared in IS 29500 Namespaces, rendereding the MS Office 2010 extensions non-conformant
... So, any application of MCE-aware validation should I think be heavily caveating with warning about what the validity result means when then judging conformance.
  • Alex.

wrote Feb 1, 2013 at 12:01 AM